Pastor Abraham Comper

Harvest Jacmel

Abraham was born in Cayes-Jacmel, Southeast Haiti. At the age of 12, he gave his life to the Lord and immediately felt the desire to walk with Christ and work for Him. After being baptized he committed himself to church ministries.

He served as a youth director and Sunday Bible teacher at his home church. God continued to lead Abraham toward full-time ministry through his studies. After receiving his B.A. in Education, Abraham went on to seminary. Soon after completing his M. Div., the Lord called Abraham to minister in his hometown, where he planted Grace Ministry. God has blessed Grace Ministries with a church, two orphanages, and a pre-K through 12th grade school. In 2013 Harvest Bible Fellowship became connected to Pastor Abraham through relationships at Harvest York Region Ontario and Harvest Peoria, Illinois. This began a journey where God was calling us to join hands to impact Haiti for Christ.

PASTOR Renel Lebrun

Harvest Montagne LaVoûte

Pastor Renel’s first contact with Harvest came through his relationship with Harvest Jacmel and Pastor Abraham. He began preaching God’s Word in April 2000, and was eventually ordained by Harvest Bible Chapel Jacmel on August 11, 2012, being sent out to minister to the community of Montagne La Voûte, which is his hometown. Pastor Renel has been locked in with Harvest through his church’s ongoing relationship with Harvest Jacmel as Harvest Jacmel has continued to grow in depth, breadth and involvement with the Harvest Bible Fellowship.

In 2015, Harvest Jacmel, Harvest Peoria, and Harvest Naperville spent time with Pastor Renel seeing and experiencing the ministry that was being carried out in Montagne LaVoûte. In 2016, Harvest Peoria and Harvest Jacmel sent 40 of their youth to the church at Montagne La Voûte to do outreach to the youth in the community with over 140 youth participating from the surrounding area. God revealed that these young people are hungry to learn more about Jesus and to grow in knowledge of God’s Word.

PASTOR Antoine sainvil

Harvest Cap Rouge

Antoine grew up in a Christian family that struggled with physical poverty.Antoine’s socio-economic status placed him as a nameless statistic in the tragic situation that Haiti has found itself in as a country. No one seemed to care and Antoine felt a great burden through this poverty and the condescending way people looked at him. He was on the lower rungs of an already depressing life situation.

At the same time Antoine physically faced an illness that forced him to make constant hospital visits for 6 years in his youth keeping him from school or being able to go out and play like other kids his age. But God had plans for Antoine! God took hold of Antoine’s life through the witness, love, and compassion that his believing family showed him. What is more, God not only spiritually healed Antoine, but also physically freed him from the bondage of his illness. By God’s grace, Antoine truly was healed and restored to Him.

Antoine accepted Christ as Lord of his life and was baptized when he was 18 to show the world that he was walking with the Lord. Since his conversion, God has been using him in the ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel Jacmel where he has been in charge of the maintenance of the church, has participated as worship leader, and is currently in charge of the men’s ministry and the production department.